Infill Philadelphia: Soak It Up!  is a partnership between the Community Design Collaborative, Philadelphia Water Department, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to explore how green stormwater infrastructure can revitalize urban neighborhoods.

Philadelphia is a national leader in stormwater management planning and policy. The city’s innovative 25-year stormwater management plan, Green City, Clean Waters, aims to reduce combined sewer overflows and other pollutants in local waterways primarily through green stormwater infrastructure—a national first!

Green stormwater infrastructure mimics natural systems by intercepting rainwater during heavy storms and allowing it to filter back into the soil, evaporate into the air, or refresh wetlands or streams. A growing kit of green infrastructure tools—rain gardens, green roofs, and more—can result in projects that both soak up stormwater and create more vital, engaging, and beautiful places to live and work.

Infill Philadelphia: Soak It Up! will host exhibitions, workshops, talks, design charrettes, and a design competition to promote the innovative design and investment in green stormwater infrastructure in Philadelphia and other American cities.  There will be a special focus on retrofitting existing buildings and sites.

This design initiative is a program of SOAK IT UP, PHILLY!, a community outreach campaign of the Philadelphia Water Department to celebrate Green City, Clean Waters, build awareness about green stormwater infrastructure, and encourage city residents and businesses to improve and develop their properties using green infrastructure tools.